High-quality virtual 3D tours for luxury RETAIL, HORECA, and REAL ESTATE. We have developed TELEPORT 3D - an advanced and exclusive UI design for effective demonstration of content: intro-slider; 2D/3D floorplan (dollhouse); callout info; walk-through transition for a quick experience of exploring real spaces. Absorbed the very best visual concepts of Matterport, Google Street View, and more. The engine is optimized for desktops, tablets, phones, and HMD devices. See an example DEMO TOUR ➔


light demo showcase


Gumir Jamil (photography, web programming and design)

Kazakhfilm 18a, Almaty, KZ (current location)

+7 705 571 7171 (only via WhatsApp messages)

gumirj@gmail.com | www.gumirj.com

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